Philip Spence – Chronic Pain & Sports Injury

By Unpain Clinic on November 12, 2019

Being very active in contact sports as a younger man and having a physical career throughout, I sustained injuries every now and then. I recently came to realize that these injuries had been cumulative. Significant loss in range of motion occurred in my shoulders and I began experiencing pain at work and at night. I tried many therapies, all having a positive effect but only for a short duration. Uran introduced me to Shockwave Therapy and I followed his treatment protocol – 3 sessions, 1x/week and then a follow-up visit after 4-6 weeks. Shockwave therapy results have been nothing short of AMAZING! I am now pain-free – NO DRUGS! I have full range of motion – NO SURGERY! And the effects have been LONG LASTING. I recommend Uran and Shockwave Therapy and have done so for my family and friends. Those who have undergone this therapy have had positive results.
Shockwave Therapy – don’t wait, all you have to lose is the pain!