A shockwave therapy is a mechanical sound wave. It is not electrotherapy and it is not ultrasound. The unique shape and frequency of the wave are what produce such profound change in unhealthy tissues.

No, shockwave is not ultrasound. They are both sound waves; however, acoustic waves come in many different patterns and wavelengths. Shockwaves and ultrasound waves possess entirely different physical properties and effects on humans. Shockwaves have a lower frequency with a higher energy density – leaving less chance for damage to healthy tissues and more depth and precision during treatment.

Think of it this way: A person nicely playing the guitar and the use of a kitchen mixer are both sound waves, yet they’re totally different and affect you differently. You want to listen to the guitar player, but you want to stop the noise from the mixer because it’s annoying. Different sound waves, different effects: The same logic applies to shockwave and ultrasound.

Most clients find the treatments relatively painless. There may be some discomfort or sensitivity over scarred tissues or around bony processes during the treatment. This pain is usually only present for a few seconds and goes away the moment the treatment stops.

Some clients do experience minor discomfort in the days following treatment. This is normal and often subsides within a week. It is also common to feel off balance or discomfort in new areas in the days following care. This is the result of imbalances being corrected and the feeling will improve as the kinetic chain rebalances and the treatment protocol is completed.

Clients who are pregnant and those with blood clots (Deep Vein Thrombosis/DVT).

Yes but we always recommend a 3-4 week wait before coming in. Your shockwave treatment will be more effective as a result.

You don’t. However, we have had a lot of success with all kinds of conditions, even the rare ones that seem untreatable. Our advice would be to book an appointment where your therapist will assess you and discuss the possible treatment options together with you. If we feel shockwave would not be beneficial, we won’t waste your time trying.

Absolutely. The treatment may be a bit more sensitive around those areas – but this is not always the case.

Absolutely! It will not affect the pacemaker or quality of treatment.

Not at all! We have used shockwave for years as a pre AND post joint replacement protocol.

Many clients can avoid the replacement altogether, depending on the state of the joint and how soon they see us.

Even those who still must pursue a joint replacement after shockwave find their recovery time and risk of infection to be much lower due to the added circulation and reduced scar tissue.

Shockwave therapy can be covered under the physiotherapy section of your private health benefits when performed by a registered physiotherapist as part of a physiotherapy assessment and treatment program.

You may be able to have a portion of your shockwave therapy covered at a clinic that holds a contract with Alberta Health Services. At this time, we do not offer this billing option.

1st Visit (Includes initial consultation & true shockwave treatment) $300
1st Visit (Consultation only) $105
Subsequent Visit (Includes re-assessment & true shockwave treatment) $250
Tune-up Visit (includes re-assessment & radial pressure wave treatment) $200

1st Visit 45 minutes
Subsequent Visit 30 minutes
*Some need less and some need more, depending on condition complexity. There is no difference in cost.

At Unpain Clinic, we treat by condition, not by body part. Any area our clinicians believe could be impacting the condition will be addressed, as long as the tissues can tolerate the number of shocks.

We do not treat unrelated conditions in the same treatment session; however, you will never be charged for an assessment after the first visit to our clinic (even for new injuries down the road).

Almost always.
*If for some reason you are an exception, we will explain your options and provide you with treatment alternatives and/or referral options. In these rare cases, you are charged only for the consultation.

Usually 3 treatments, spaced between 3-15 days apart. 1 week between each treatment is ideal.
Treatment protocol is followed with a 4-6 week healing period.
A 4th follow-up treatment may be required if the condition persists beyond 6 weeks.

You can usually book within a couple of days. There are often same-day appointments available. In rare instances with certain therapists, you may wait 7-10 days for an appointment. There is a waitlist available for these situations.

We’re human – sometimes the unexpected happens. On an ordinary day, clients rarely wait more than 5 minutes for their appointment. On a day busy with emergencies and complex cases, we have been up to 30 minutes behind.

Preserving the quality of treatment in a rush-free environment is essential. Every appointment has extra time built-in to account for setbacks. We do our best to catch up where we can, but we will never cut an appointment short because we are late.

We do our best to notify clients ahead of time if there is a delay. Comfy chairs, tea, water and free WiFi make it tolerable. 

Many clients feel a difference immediately in some way.

Most clients require a 4-6 week recovery period following their first 3 treatment sessions which allows time for angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth). Improvement is usually felt during this time as the new blood flow promotes complete healing.

If the issue has improved but not completely resolved after this wait period, we will recommend a 4th (and often final) follow-up session at that time.

Yes. This can occur for a couple of reasons. Firstly, shockwave stimulates the body’s own natural inflammatory response in the tissue being treated. This inflammation is temporary but can last for a few days after care, causing sensitivity in the area. Secondly, shockwave activates muscle fibres that are not firing properly, which can present much like Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) or, quite simply, soreness from a good workout. Lastly, shockwave can cause changes in sensation for cases involving nerve disorders, such as certain types of neuropathy.

Every new client receives their own “What to Expect After Treatment” pamphlet for take-home reminders and peace of mind. Feel free to call with any questions or concerns.

International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment – This is the international regulatory body for SWT. Being a member does not include certification. This is training and testing above and beyond attendance at Congress.

As of May 2017, over 21,000 treatments.

It is almost all we’ve done for 7 years (and counting). Unpain Clinic rebranded from Edmonton Shockwave Therapy Centre in September 2019. The clinic did not change its ownership or any staff.

Flashwave® is a new, non-invasive regenerative therapy which uses sound waves to stimulate activation of endogenous stem cells through a Cellular Communication Interface® (CCI®).  It is applied at the surface of the skin and, depending on the Flashwave® device used, creates a specific cellular response in the targeted tissue.

Flashwave® initiates communication with and among cells, activating an intrinsic repair program within the tissue.  This revolutionary cellular communication is the key to Flashwave®’s unique medical efficacy without any relevant side effects.

Compared with traditional application of sound wave therapies, Flashwave® is applied using light skin contact and can even be used for open wounds and skin that is not intact. In addition to providing effective healing for a vast spectrum of conditions, Flashwave® is proven effective for sports optimization and performance in fully healthy athletes by increasing their tissue resilience and shortening their regeneration periods. In conjunction with this, Flashwave® has been proven to treat sarcopenia, which is muscle atrophy due to aging.

Yes, but not all shockwaves are flashwaves. Flashwaves are 10x more powerful (in Joules/shock) and indicated for more complex conditions than any other extracorporeal shockwave device on the market to date. Flashwaves can activate endogenous stem cells and stimulate disengaged muscle fibres to fire almost instantaneously. While shockwaves and Flashwave share many of the same physical wave properties, Flashwave produces a much stronger effect on the tissue.

We have offered Flashwave since May 2019, when it was first made available in Canada. Unpain Clinic was the first clinic in North America to offer Flashwave therapy to our clients.