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The location of your pain may not necessarily be the source of your pain. At Unpain Clinic, we first look for signs of imbalance with the kinetic chain that could be contributing to your injury. We will treat the injury AND do our best to prevent its recurrence.

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Tissues can become painful in areas that are in no way related to the underlying cause of the problem. It is important to target the source of the condition as well as the symptoms. If only symptoms are treated, they will most likely return, for the very same reasons they occurred the first time. It is not unusual for a new shoulder problem to be the result of an old knee injury. Really!

Shockwave treatments at Unpain are seldom the same from patient to patient because the combination of individual bodies, behaviours and lifestyles are always unique. During the initial visit, your therapist will assess your pain while also looking for all potential causes. Treatment is provided on the first visit. In most cases, clients receive 3 treatments over 3 weeks, followed by a 6-week recovery period. Healing is still occurring during this time. If pain persists after 6 weeks, a 4th session may be required.

One of the greatest differentiators about our work is that Unpain Clinic clients truly get better. The majority don’t need to return for the same condition after their course of treatments is complete. It’s referrals from delighted clients and not ongoing treatments that make us successful!

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Uran Berisha

President, RMT, ISMST Certified Shockwave Therapist

Uran is the President and Founder of Remedial Wellness and Unpain Clinics. He has been one of a handful of shockwave therapists in Canada to hold certification with the International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment (ISMST) since 2013. Uran is also the President of I Love Shockwave where, in his role as a certified shockwave educator and device technician, he offers shockwave therapy training and support to other professionals developing their own practices.

In addition to shockwave education, Uran is one of ten medical professionals world-wide to be seated on the Flashwave® Faculty; a board established to set the treatment guidelines for Flashwave® technology (made available to Canadian patients in 2019).

Uran is a skilled Registered Massage Therapist and his clients and colleagues can often be found commending his ability to locate the true source of pain. He is always looking for new ways to improve healing and uses many tools in his toolbox to assess and treat stubborn conditions. Neurokinetic Training (NKT) as well as Amino BioFrequency (ANF) Therapy are just a couple of techniques he has added to his treatment repertoire in recent years. Uran received his Canadian Registered Massage Therapist designation from MH Vicars School with 2200 hours in 2011. With an extensive education and years of experience in both fields, he is extremely qualified in determining client needs.

Uran's humble beginnings, outgoing personality and excellent success record with complex pain have been a driving force in the growth of Remedial Wellness and the birth of Unpain Clinic & I Love Shockwave Inc. The clinics expanded from two people to twenty, from one shockwave device to nine and from one location to two since 2012. The level of service provided by Uran has contributed to the progress of a company that set out to make a profound difference in the lives of most of its patients – and succeeded.

In his limited personal time, Uran enjoys kickboxing, swimming, biking and spending his time with his wife and 3 young children.

Gary Wedman

BScPT, ISMST Certified Shockwave Therapist

Gary has been practicing shockwave therapy since 2017 when he joined Remedial Wellness & Unpain Clinics. Prior to this, he practiced physiotherapy in Leduc, Alberta, for 22 years. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta in 1994.​

He has also completed training in acupuncture and is a Certified Acupuncture Practitioner through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute. Gary has also completed a course in NeuroKinetic Training (NKT) and he is actively certified with the International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment (ISMST) until 2020. Gary has been a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association since 1994.​

One of his main concerns when treating clients is to ensure that they feel safe and comfortable with the treatment and within the clinic. Once this is accomplished, helping the client with their concerns can be much easier and successful. Gary has experience with all types of musculoskeletal injuries and ailments including: pelvic health, sport injuries, work injuries, motor vehicle accident injuries, repetitive strain injuries, post-operative conditions, post fractures and arthritic conditions. In the past, he has used a combination of manual therapy, massage, electrical modalities, thermal modalities, acupuncture, exercise prescription and education to treat these injuries. He now looks forward to primarily using shockwave therapy to help his clients heal from these injuries and conditions, as he feels that it is one of the most effective modalities he has ever worked with in practice.

​Gary has been active in the Leduc community since starting his career. He has been a member of the Cycle LA fundraising committee as well as a board member of the Black Gold Health Foundation. He has also volunteered his services in many community events such as the Derrick Club's Annual Member-Guest Gold Tournaments, Black Gold Health Foundation Golf Tournament, 2008 Alberta Winter Games, Guinness Book of Records longest indoor soccer game attempt, Guinness Book of Records longest soft ball game attempt, the Multiple Sclerosis 150km Bike Tour and the 2016 Alberta summer Games.

In his free time, Gary enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 children as well as other extended family and friends. He also enjoys gardening, baking and BBQ.

Shauna Mann

BScPT, Shockwave Therapist

With over 20 years of experience in the physiotherapy field, Shauna brings a wealth of knowledge to Unpain clients and is excited to begin this new chapter in her therapy career.

Shauna believes that, as a physical therapist, she must employ a multidimensional approach to healthcare, and she prides herself on a ‘think outside the box’ methodology. She believes that without locating the underlying cause of the problem, the symptom will always return. She wants to leave behind a legacy of being a hard working, selfless colleague who was always looking out for other people and her clients’ well-being.

Shauna’s interest in regeneration and rehab was sparked at a relatively young age, when she tore her ACL playing high school basketball. Although she was initially interested in pursuing a medical degree, after many hours spent alongside her local physical therapist, she realized this was a profession where she would be able to deliver good news more often than bad; leaving a lasting impact on quality of life.

She values the importance of listening to her clients to develop the best possible picture of their needs. Many times, clients are searching for that practitioner who will take the time and listen to their ‘story’. She loves this aspect of her role and has a knack for adapting to different personality styles and being an effective communicator and ‘health coach’. Shauna values honesty, respect, good work ethic and integrity and lives these values daily through her practice. She feels her greatest successes are when she plays a part in other people’s victories; whether it be coaching colleagues and assisting them in overall career growth or by assisting clients in their recovery process.

Shauna will always have a great story to tell and is even happier to listen to yours along your healing journey. She is passionate about cultivating wellness in all areas of her life, including her family life, fitness, musical skills, volunteerism and ongoing education. She plans to become ISMST certified at the earliest possibility and has goals to run a half marathon in the near future. She loves spending time with her husband, their young son and their dog, Otis, and they enjoy travelling whenever possible.

Jide Olabode

BScPT, MPH, Shockwave Therapist

Jide is a Registered Physiotherapist with over 18 years of experience in various settings ranging from rural healthcare, private and acute care, critical care and burns. Jide has extensive experience providing education and training to health professionals focused on improving skill-set and fostering industry best practice. With a post-graduate degree in public health, he also has a keen interest in the broader aspects of health and healthcare delivery.

Graduating with honours in Nigeria and moving to Canada in 2004, he believes firmly in helping others - even those he may not know. Since becoming certified in Canada, Jide has mentored physiotherapists in preparation for successful completion their own international exams. The majority of Jide’s experience resides in critical care, which includes a multi-dimensional approach to rehabilitation and healthcare management. Jide is an old soul; going with the flow and getting along with all of his team members. Nothing stresses him more than watching someone else stress over nothing. He is a calming presence but is well-versed in navigating a fast-paced environment.

Jide’s caring spirit for his fellow citizens is evident in his educational background, his approach to health care, his teaching and his future goals. He is always striving to learn new ways to enrich his client experience and outcomes. Jide has completed a Masters degree in Public Health, and works closely with his clients to prevent disease while also researching the best ways to implement new techniques. Jide is a dedicated clinician and his clients and colleagues would tell you, he has chosen the right career. He is direct, approachable and cares deeply about helping his clients achieve a better quality of life. He admires people like Elon Musk and Nelson Mandela - revolutionaries in their time focused simply on making the world a better place through tangible, selfless action. Jide hopes to leave behind his own legacy - to be an instrumental figure in the improvement of health outcomes for patients on an international scale, reforming flawed policy and introducing new regenerative approaches and technologies. He wants to be remembered as a caring person who could always make you smile.

Jide currently works full time in the University of Alberta Hospital's Intensive Care Unit and offers his services in the evenings at Unpain. Jide has returned to private practice with Unpain because he feels but he can make a significant difference with the treatment tools and philosophies that are supported, compared with traditional approaches. In his personal time, Jide enjoys soccer and jiujitsu. He lives an active lifestyle and, in the summer months, can often be found riding his bicycle. He likes to play chess, listen to music and was, at one time, quite an artist. He is a dedicated husband and father and enjoys family time, playing with his kids and watching TV.

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