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Empowering Pain-Free Living, Men’s Health and Graceful Aging with Cutting-Edge Noninvasive Regenerative Technologies

In 2012, a small clinic nestled within The Derrick Golf and Winter Club introduced a groundbreaking therapy that would soon change the lives of countless individuals. Armed with a single Shockwave Therapy device, Unpain Clinic embarked on a journey to relieve those suffering from chronic pain in Edmonton. However, at that time, the concept of Shockwave Therapy was relatively unknown, and Unpain Clinic faced the challenge of enlightening the community about this innovative approach.

Fast forward to the present day, and the name Unpain Clinic resonates far beyond the borders of Edmonton. Through its pioneering use of Shockwave Therapy, Unpain Clinic has gained worldwide recognition for its effective chronic pain treatment. Unlike conventional methods that merely alleviate symptoms, Unpain Clinic’s approach focuses on identifying and correcting the underlying dysfunction responsible for the pain. Simultaneously, the therapy stimulates noninvasive tissue regeneration, leading to long-lasting relief.

People from across North America, grappling with chronic pain for months, even after exhausting various unsuccessful treatment options, find solace at Unpain Clinic. The clinic’s success story of performing more than 35000 treatments is a testament to the transformative power of Shockwave Therapy. By staying at the forefront of research and drawing inspiration from top European soccer teams, who have adopted Shockwave Therapy to optimize athlete performance, Unpain Clinic has developed protocols that treat, enhance and prevent injuries in golfers, pickleball players, and athletes from diverse disciplines.

In 2021, our sister company, I Love Shockwave reached new heights by creating the world’s most comprehensive virtual training platform for healthcare providers. This groundbreaking platform equips professionals with the knowledge and expertise to apply Shockwave Therapy effectively in musculoskeletal conditions, men’s health (ED), and aesthetic medicine for graceful aging. By sharing our expertise, Unpain Clinic aims to empower healthcare providers globally, ensuring that the benefits of Shockwave Therapy reach as many individuals as possible.

Unpain Clinic owes its success not only to its unwavering dedication but also to the support of our clients. From the beginning, our clients have championed Unpain Clinic’s mission, spreading the word about the clinic’s transformative treatments. Their advocacy has played a vital role in helping others overcome pain and reclaim their lives.

As Unpain Clinic continues to evolve, our commitment to providing effective, noninvasive, and innovative pain management, Men’s Pelvic Health and Graceful Aging remains unwavering. With a legacy built on healing, education, and community support, Unpain Clinic looks forward to a future where chronic pain becomes a thing of the past and individuals worldwide can embrace a life free from discomfort.

Uran Berisha


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Pain is only
a symptom

Tissues can become painful in areas that are in no way related to the underlying cause of the problem. It is important to target the source of the condition as well as the symptoms. If only symptoms are treated, they will most likely return, for the very same reasons they occurred the first time. It is not unusual for a new shoulder problem to be the result of an old knee injury. Really!

Shockwave treatments at Unpain are seldom the same from patient to patient because the combination of individual bodies, behaviours and lifestyles are always unique. During the initial visit, your therapist will assess your pain while also looking for all potential causes. Treatment is provided on the first visit. In most cases, clients receive 3 treatments over 3 weeks, followed by a 6-week recovery period. Healing is still occurring during this time. If pain persists after 6 weeks, a 4th session may be required.

One of the greatest differentiators about our work is that Unpain Clinic clients truly get better. The majority don’t need to return for the same condition after their course of treatments is complete. It’s referrals from delighted clients and not ongoing treatments that make us successful!

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Uran Berisha

President, RMT, ISMST Certified Shockwave Therapist

Uran Berisha is a highly respected and renowned pain management and musculoskeletal therapy figure. As the Founder of Unpain Clinic, he has dedicated his career to helping individuals suffering from chronic pain find effective and lasting relief. With his extensive knowledge and expertise in Shockwave Therapy, Uran has become one of North America's foremost experts in this innovative treatment modality.

With a deep passion for improving the lives of others, Uran Berisha has made it his mission to provide cutting-edge solutions for those who have been unable to find relief through traditional methods. His unwavering commitment to understanding the complexities of chronic pain has led him to specialize in treating musculoskeletal conditions that have proven resistant to other forms of therapy.

As a pioneer in Shockwave Therapy, Uran has spearheaded groundbreaking research and developed revolutionary techniques to address chronic pain. His expertise allows him to provide tailored treatment plans targeting the underlying causes of musculoskeletal conditions, promoting faster healing and enhanced recovery.

Uran Berisha's success as a Shockwave Therapy application expert is a testament to his unmatched dedication and compassionate approach to patient care. With his profound understanding of the human body's intricate mechanics and ability to analyze complex pain patterns, he has transformed the lives of countless individuals who had previously lost hope.

Beyond his clinical work, Uran actively contributes to advancing the field by conducting workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements to educate other healthcare professionals about the immense potential of Shockwave Therapy. His innovative methods have gained recognition and respect from colleagues and experts worldwide.

Uran Berisha's accomplishments have earned him widespread acclaim and gratitude from patients, medical professionals, and the healthcare community as a whole. Through his unwavering pursuit of excellence and commitment to changing lives, he continues redefining the landscape of pain management and empowering individuals to regain control over their health and well-being.

Jide Olabode

BScPT, MPH, Shockwave Therapist

Jide is a Registered Physiotherapist with over 18 years of experience in various settings ranging from rural healthcare, private and acute care, critical care and burns. Jide has extensive experience providing education and training to health professionals focused on improving skill-set and fostering industry best practice. With a post-graduate degree in public health, he also has a keen interest in the broader aspects of health and healthcare delivery.

Graduating with honours in Nigeria and moving to Canada in 2004, he believes firmly in helping others - even those he may not know. Since becoming certified in Canada, Jide has mentored physiotherapists in preparation for successful completion their own international exams. The majority of Jide’s experience resides in critical care, which includes a multi-dimensional approach to rehabilitation and healthcare management. Jide is an old soul; going with the flow and getting along with all of his team members. Nothing stresses him more than watching someone else stress over nothing. He is a calming presence but is well-versed in navigating a fast-paced environment.

Jide’s caring spirit for his fellow citizens is evident in his educational background, his approach to health care, his teaching and his future goals. He is always striving to learn new ways to enrich his client experience and outcomes. Jide has completed a Masters degree in Public Health, and works closely with his clients to prevent disease while also researching the best ways to implement new techniques. Jide is a dedicated clinician and his clients and colleagues would tell you, he has chosen the right career. He is direct, approachable and cares deeply about helping his clients achieve a better quality of life. He admires people like Elon Musk and Nelson Mandela - revolutionaries in their time focused simply on making the world a better place through tangible, selfless action. Jide hopes to leave behind his own legacy - to be an instrumental figure in the improvement of health outcomes for patients on an international scale, reforming flawed policy and introducing new regenerative approaches and technologies. He wants to be remembered as a caring person who could always make you smile.

Jide currently works full time in the University of Alberta Hospital's Intensive Care Unit and offers his services in the evenings at Unpain. Jide has returned to private practice with Unpain because he feels but he can make a significant difference with the treatment tools and philosophies that are supported, compared with traditional approaches. In his personal time, Jide enjoys soccer and jiujitsu. He lives an active lifestyle and, in the summer months, can often be found riding his bicycle. He likes to play chess, listen to music and was, at one time, quite an artist. He is a dedicated husband and father and enjoys family time, playing with his kids and watching TV.

Shauna Mann


Shauna Mann, a distinguished physiotherapist and a multifaceted health coach, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta (2000). She expanded her expertise by becoming a Certified Health and Life Coach through the Health Coach Institute (2021) and a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach via the Institute of Transformational Nutrition (2022). Currently, Shauna is advancing her proficiency in holistic health care as an IFMCP candidate with the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Shauna's approach to physiotherapy is revolutionary, addressing chronic pain, injury, and disease from a functional perspective. She champions wellness by focusing on fundamental factors that influence an individual's health experience, emphasizing the interconnectedness of environmental, psychological, spiritual, and social determinants of health. Shauna's holistic methodology extends to acknowledging the significant role of genetic factors in health, guiding individuals to influence their gene expression through positive lifestyle choices.

Central to her practice is a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan, co-created with her clients, to address a wide array of interventions. Shauna's philosophy is rooted in the belief that early identification and effective management of long-term functional disturbances can profoundly impact the trajectory of complex, chronic diseases, including chronic pain.

With a specialized passion for women's hormone health, Shauna is dedicated to assisting women in mitigating the long-term effects of hormonal imbalances. Her approach is personalized and comprehensive, focusing on lifestyle modifications to enhance health and vitality.

Outside her professional pursuits, Shauna is an avid learner and enjoys staying active with her family. Her leisure time is often spent exploring various forms of movement, including walking, running, and yoga, reflecting her commitment to a holistic, healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Lacina

Dr. Lacina Barsalou

B.Sc. Chiropractic

Dr. Lacina obtained a B.Sc. from the University of Alberta in 2009 then graduated with honors in 2013 from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. Later that year she moved back to the Edmonton area to be closer to her family and friends.

She has continued broadening her chiropractic skills obtaining certification in Shockwave Therapy, Active Release Technique, Activator Methods, Rapid Neurofascial Reset, Gait Analysis, and Custom Orthotic prescription. Additionally, Dr. Lacina has been trained in concussion management. She treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions and has worked with patients from 3 weeks to 94 years old, as well as athletes, and patients with complex clinical histories. She has experience managing sport, workplace, and motor vehicle accident-related injuries.

When she is not in the clinic, Dr. Lacina spends her time reading, practicing yoga, volunteering, or spending time with her husband and dogs.

Dr. Josh Lockert

Registered Massage Therapist and Acupuncturist

Josh has been a Registered Massage Therapist in Edmonton for over 7 years. His strength is in deep tissue massage and he specializes in techniques such as reflexology, cupping and pregnancy massage therapy. Josh is highly approachable and sees all types of clientele - from babies to seniors. He will do whatever he can to help you feel better and live your daily life without pain.

Josh knows that knowledge is key and he is continually expanding his areas of expertise to be able to treat his clients in a more effective and efficient manner. Although he does not practice at Remedial Wellness locations directly, Josh is a trained radial shockwave therapist who can be found practicing at Whitemud Crossing Chiropractors and also from his home-clinic regularly. Josh loves being able to use these skills with all clients and isn’t afraid to work with all sorts of aches and pains. He knows that every body can be helped. In his free time, Josh plays SuperDad to his young children, Max & Maddie. He is also an avid athlete and skilled handyman. If he's not on the ice, undertaking his next great home project or baking decadent cakes (yes, really) in his new kitchen, he is most certainly making his amazing clients feel that much more awesome.

Jocelyn Belanger

Massage Therapist

Jocelyn is a skilled massage therapist known for her soothing touch. She is skilled in deep tissue, therapeutic, massage therapy, relaxation, and pregnancy massage, while also drawing on the use of heat to help relax tight muscles and allow for deeper, less painful treatment.

Jocelyn's entire personality is a calming presence at Unpain and her clients enjoy her gentle demeanor and ability to match their energies with each treatment.

Josefina Friesen

Massage Therapist

Josefina is a Registered Massage Therapist with almost a decade of experience in a high-end spa environment. With a natural healing touch and a keen ability to meet the energy of her patients, she has been a true asset to the therapy team.

Some of you may recognize Josefina, as she was a popular massage therapist at Bliss Yoga Spa for many years prior to joining the Unpain team. Josefina will be working at the Derrick Club location with occasional fill-in shifts at Summerside.

"I used to only book a massage at the Derrick if my usual therapist was not available. I could not have been more excited when she showed up on the Unpain schedule! I've booked a year in advance!" - T.K.

Nypsia Half

Massage Therapist

Nypsia is a registered massage therapist with 3000 hours of initial education combined with over a decade of industry experience in massage therapy and educator. She is strong in therapeutic massage but is a wonderfully versatile therapist.

With training in aesthetics, acupuncture and massage therapy, she has the tools at hand to create a treatment plan that matches perfectly with your healing needs. Spending a great deal of her time in France, Nypsia has a strong background in European spa techniques, which brings a certain luxury to every treatment she performs.

Nypsia is driven to continue building her knowledge, regularly taking new courses in order to be the best possible therapist for her clients. She believes in the importance of preserving and experiencing different cultures and she often enjoys traveling to learn natural therapy techniques from around the world. She intends to leave a legacy of health in her wake, causing a lasting positive impact on the lives of her clients along the way.

She is an open-minded, hard-working and loyal team member with a bright smile and the spirit of Rosie the Riveter. She admires her mother for her strength, kindness and generosity and she is now in the process of blazing a trail for her own beautiful young daughter, Sophia. In her limited spare time, you will find Nypsia torn between pro-level puzzling and dancing. She enjoys the arts, the outdoors, traveling and, of course, playing Super-Mom to Miss Sophia.

Shannon Bruun

Massage Therapist

Shannon is passionate about supporting and empowering people to live happy, healthy, and pain-free! Her treatments are based on a holistic approach, incorporating healing aspects for the body and mind.

Her techniques and modalities include deep tissue, myofascial release, dynamic cupping, and IASTM (instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization). She helps clients with injury prevention and recovery, anyone dealing with pain or stress, and those simply aiming to stay fit & healthy!

Shannon draws upon knowledge gained from a lifetime participating in sports and activities and from certifications in Swedish and Ayurvedic massage, reflexology, Reiki, yoga and meditation. She leads an active lifestyle and loves to be outdoors.

She welcomes people of all ages, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, physical and mental abilities.

Ashley Valliere

Massage Therapist

Ashley has well over a decade of working with people and their bodies to help improve their overall well being. After graduating from NAIT she started as a personal trainer in 2009 opening a gym doing group training as well as 1:1. Then in 2015 she decided to make a change over to massage therapy (graduated from MH Vicars 2017) so she could offer even more to her clients.

In addition she’s currently pursuing her Developmental Somatic Psychology Practitioner License (set to graduate in 2024) from Bodynamic International as it’s become clear to her over the years the body is so much more complex and deep than we give it credit for. This thirst for knowledge has her community coining her nickname as the ‘Body Decoder’. If you’re ever curious about something emotional or if you’ve got a strange or lasting ache or pain Ashley is who you want to talk to about it.

What you can expect in a massage with Ashley is to be taken to another planet! She has a unique style of massage that focuses on the bones and outlining all the muscles in the body so your whole being gets the TLC it needs and deserves. She describes her massages as therapeutic relaxation as it’s a mixture of deep(er) tissue and Swedish flushing techniques. It's not uncommon for her to use cupping and gua sha in the treatment too depending on your goals. It should also be noted she is someone who doesn’t give typical homework post massage. You will find she will prescribe anything from a tv series to watch, to a book to read, to mindset work as well as specific somatic movements to help you embody your best self and more.

It’s not all work and no play with Ashley. She’s a huge fan of dry humor, Taylor Swift, reading fiction and taking her little pup on walks :)

Maria Guerrero

Massage Therapist

“Massaging is my passion, I love working on people and making them feel better than when they walked into the clinic, it’s rewarding”

Maria has been working as a Registered Massage Therapist for 12+ years.
She specializes in Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Pregnancy Massage, Intraoral Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Active Release Therapy and Cupping Massage. Additionally, Maria has furthered her skill set by attending a Thai Massage course this past year. She has incorporated some of the Thai techniques into her massages to better help clients who have all types of conditions.

When Maria is not help her clients through massage, she stays active in her spare time with dancing and working out.

Jen Dansereau

Massage Therapist

Jen graduated from Vicars School of Massage Therapy in 2006 with a strong interest in helping people thrive and achieve their health and wellness goals. She specializes in therapeutic, relaxation, myofascial cupping, pre/postnatal, and hot stone massage.

Jana Mundt

Massage Therapist

Jana is an RMT who really loves being able to help people move freely and feel better. She specializes in deep tissue therapeutic massage to promote healing, relief of pain, stress and injuries. She enjoys working with people to help them improve their lives and overall well-being.

Jana is also a RAPID specialist and can incorporate Reiki with her treatments.

Adelina Berisha


Ella Stewart


Ella has had an interest in aesthetics for many years and has graduated from MC College in 2023 with an academic award and over 800 hours of hands on training. She enjoys having the opportunity to practice new skills and is passionate about helping people feel better both physically and mentally.

Jodi Harty


I have been in the alternative field since 1996, the aesthetics and massage field since 2003. I have known the owner of Unpain since 2012 and am so excited to be part of the team. I am passionate about giving our bodies what it needs to help heal and restore. I am a wife, mother of three,[2 teens and a forever 4yr old in heaven] entrepreneur. I know how life circumstances, stresses and environment can take a toll on our bodies and skin.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body, first line of defense and the first thing people see. I specialize in creating a customized skin care treatment plan that works for you. In my career I have specialized in balancing women's hormones and I bring this certification to the facials I provide. Whether its teen breakouts, peri/menopausal, or other hormonal diagnosis eminence products have something for you.

I love not only educating clients on great skin care, but also upgrading my education. Over the last 27yrs of my career I have added certified health and life coaching, hormonal testing and currently working on being an American Board Certified Drugless Practitioner. The more we know the more we grow:). Between working and family, I love spending time at our lake lot, winter or summer where I can fish, frolic in the snow, swim, enjoy the sun and play with our boat and seadoo. Blaze my pit rescue is always giving me entertainment playing OR, while training her to have better social manners:). I am so looking forward to getting to know all the "new to me" clients and seeing all familiar faces.

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