Pricing & Insurance

The Treatment Plan You Need, Without Price Confusion.

At Unpain Clinic, we charge a single rate regardless of the treatment modality you need. 

The reason is simple: we don’t want price to be a factor in what treatment clients receive. The Unpain Clinic practitioner who assesses your situation is in the best position of experience and clinical expertise to design the ideal treatment plan. The last thing you need is a menu of options with a different price for each one.

What’s more, a single modality is sometimes not the very best approach. You’re here to get better: not simply for a True Shockwave™, Flashwave® or Radial Pressure Wave treatment. Most clients don’t even know the difference—and that’s fine. Our therapists do!

Only Unpain Clinic offers a full range of acoustic wave technologies, and we’ll use the right one—or multiple ones—for your benefit.

At a single price per treatment. It’s part of our unique approach to helping get you better, as quickly as possible!


Unpain Clinic treatments are eligible for coverage under most insurance plans. We also direct-bill for motor vehicle (MVA) claims.

True Shockwave Therapy Cost

Includes Electromagnetic Shockwave, Electrohydraulic Shockwave and Radial Shockwave Therapy.

  • Initial Consult + Shockwave Therapy Treatment $300
  • Shockwave Therapy Subsequent Treatment $250

Total Body Reset (Back Protocol) & Total Body Reset (Leg Protocol)

  • Initial Consult + Radial Shockwave Therapy Treatment $250
  • Radial Shockwave Therapy Subsequent Treatment $250

    *This is the most commonly available “shockwave” technology in Canada – but it is NOT a shockwave. It has been incorrectly coined as shockwave by many clinics near you. While it possesses its own health benefits, we recommend a combination of this with True Shockwave technologies. If you insist, we’re still here for you. Learn which technology is best for you. Click Here

Shockwave Therapy for ED Cost

Storz Electromagnetic Shockwave Device

  • Pelvic Health Shockwave Therapy Treatment: $250

Flashwave URO electrohydraulic device (North America’s only Flashwave URO clinic)

  • Pelvic Health Shockwave Therapy Treatment: $400

Physiotherapy Cost

  • Initial Assessment + Treatment: $140
  • Follow-up Treatment: $90

Chiropractic Cost

  • Chiropractic Initial Consult $105.00
  • Chiropractic Initial Consult & Treatment $130.00
  • Chiropractic Treatment $60.00

Massage Therapy Cost

  • Massage Therapy: 30 min $68.25
  • Massage Therapy: 45 min $84.00
  • Massage Therapy: 60 min $99.75
  • Massage Therapy: 75 min $120.75
  • Massage Therapy: 90 min $141.75

Naturopathic Medicine Cost

  • Initial Assessment (120 Minutes): $295.00
  • Initial Assessment (90 Minutes): $245.00
  • Initial Assessment (60 minutes): $170.00
  • Follow-up Visit (60 Minutes): $170.00
  • Follow-up Visit (45 Minutes): $135.00
  • Follow-up Visit (30 Minutes): $95.00
  • Follow-up Visit (15 Minutes): $50.00

Anti-Aging Cost


  • Regenesis Face Treatment™: $699
  • Fusion Facial: $599
  • Stem Cell Activator Face Treatment: $499
  • SkinPen Precision Microneedling Face Treatment: $399
  • Acoustic Wave Therapy Hybrid Facial Treatment™: $249.00
  • Eminence Enhanced Facial: $149


  • Boosted Acoustic Wave Therapy Treatment – Buttocks & Thigh: $799
  • Boosted Acoustic Wave Therapy Treatment – Abdomen: $499