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The Unpain Clinic is a one-of-a-kind physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton specialized in the field of shockwave therapy. We have multiple locations, fully equipped with state-of-the-art Shockwave equipment and high level staff — all ready to help you restore you optimal health and wellness.

We are passionate about your health and well-being and want to provide you with individualized, evidence-based and quality care for superior results.

Pain Treatments

Every practitioner who treats pain has their own approach. Your GP will likely prescribe pain pills or muscle relaxants. A surgeon may suggest an operation. Over-the-counter meds. Cortisone shots. Opioids. Anti-depressants. There are many ways to try to treat pain. All these approaches have in common that they do not get to the root of the issue. They simply treat the symptom (the pain) and hope your body will heal enough over time. Sometimes it works. Mostly it doesn’t.

After you are in a car accident (MVA), have another injury, or suffer chronic pain, you want to get back to your life as quickly as possible. The way to do that is to uncover the core issues and help support your body as it heals in a balanced, cohesive, holistic way.

Unpain Clinic Physiotherapy is Different

When you book an appointment with a physiotherapist at Unpain Clinic in Edmonton, you’ll notice some concrete differences, even compared to other physiotherapy clinics.

  1. Thorough, Whole-body Pain Assessment – Your physiotherapist considers your entire medical history and completes a comprehensive exam. A sprained ankle 5 years ago or an operation a decade ago could be making a difference. Many patients say they finally feel “heard.”
  2. Detailed Treatment Plan – Your assessment results give your physiotherapist the foundation to build your custom treatment plan. You will learn about your condition(s) and know how many visits to expect. Many patients say they finally feel “hopeful.”
  3. Quick Pain Reduction – Your body begins to accelerate the healing process starting from your first physiotherapy session. Many patients tell us they have experienced treatments (elsewhere) that made them feel “beat up” afterwards. Unpain Clinic patients tell us they finally feel “relief.”
  4. Constant Reassessments – Your physiotherapist reassesses your condition(s) at the start of every appointment. We expect to see results between sessions, so your therapist checks to see what has changed. Each treatment picks up from where your body is right now. Many patients say they finally see “progress.”
  5. Proven Modern Techniques and Technology – Unpain Clinic Edmonton uses the latest, proven physiotherapy techniques and modern technology. Recent advances in medical technology have brought exceptional healing results for physiotherapy patients.

Unpain Physiotherapy In Edmonton – In Conclusion

Whether you were in a motor vehicle accident (MVA), hurt yourself at work or on the sports field, or you hurt as you sit at your desk, Unpain Clinic in Edmonton can help you get to the root of the problem. And then, we’ll help you eliminate the issue and reduce the risk of future injury. Although all the physiotherapists here at Unpain Clinic find they develop a connection with patients, we really do hope to never see you again after your treatments! (But if you need us, of course, we’re here.)

True Shockwave™ or Flashwave®? No need to wonder.

Our therapists will assess your situation and formulate a True Shockwave™, Radial Pressure Wave or Flashwave® treatment plan appropriate for achieving the most effective and lasting results.

Jide Olabode

BScPT, MPH, Shockwave Therapist

Jide is a Registered Physiotherapist with over 18 years of experience in various settings ranging from rural healthcare, private and acute care, critical care and burns. Jide has extensive experience providing education and training to health professionals focused on improving skill-set and fostering industry best practice. With a post-graduate degree in public health, he also has a keen interest in the broader aspects of health and healthcare delivery.

Graduating with honours in Nigeria and moving to Canada in 2004, he believes firmly in helping others - even those he may not know. Since becoming certified in Canada, Jide has mentored physiotherapists in preparation for successful completion their own international exams. The majority of Jide’s experience resides in critical care, which includes a multi-dimensional approach to rehabilitation and healthcare management. Jide is an old soul; going with the flow and getting along with all of his team members. Nothing stresses him more than watching someone else stress over nothing. He is a calming presence but is well-versed in navigating a fast-paced environment.

Jide’s caring spirit for his fellow citizens is evident in his educational background, his approach to health care, his teaching and his future goals. He is always striving to learn new ways to enrich his client experience and outcomes. Jide has completed a Masters degree in Public Health, and works closely with his clients to prevent disease while also researching the best ways to implement new techniques. Jide is a dedicated clinician and his clients and colleagues would tell you, he has chosen the right career. He is direct, approachable and cares deeply about helping his clients achieve a better quality of life. He admires people like Elon Musk and Nelson Mandela - revolutionaries in their time focused simply on making the world a better place through tangible, selfless action. Jide hopes to leave behind his own legacy - to be an instrumental figure in the improvement of health outcomes for patients on an international scale, reforming flawed policy and introducing new regenerative approaches and technologies. He wants to be remembered as a caring person who could always make you smile.

Jide currently works full time in the University of Alberta Hospital's Intensive Care Unit and offers his services in the evenings at Unpain. Jide has returned to private practice with Unpain because he feels but he can make a significant difference with the treatment tools and philosophies that are supported, compared with traditional approaches. In his personal time, Jide enjoys soccer and jiujitsu. He lives an active lifestyle and, in the summer months, can often be found riding his bicycle. He likes to play chess, listen to music and was, at one time, quite an artist. He is a dedicated husband and father and enjoys family time, playing with his kids and watching TV.

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