Lori Cameron – Foot Pain

By Unpain Clinic on November 13, 2019

I’ve been seeing Gary at the Summerside location for an issue with stiff toe joint. It can be quite painful. I first of all chose Remedial Wellness/Unpain because after doing my research I discovered they provide 2 types of Shockwave with every visit. They can treat with both Radial and Focal Shockwave. Each helping in slightly different ways. I’ve had 4 treatments now and the pain has been relieved I’d say 95%. Also, they don’t just treat the main area of pain, but they treat secondary problem areas (i.e.: sore foot can effect your knees, etc). Because they look at secondary areas, it tells me they really care about making you feel better. Gary obviously really cares and when I called him one day, he returned my call and answered my questions. I feel that with Gary’s help I can avoid more invasive treatments. They are professional, friendly and the experience has been very positive. Gary is so professional and he doesn’t rush and talks to you, explaining, etc.
I am very impressed with Remedial Wellness/Unpain and I would recommend this client and their Shockwave to my family & friends.