Jack Taylor – Chronic Pain & Athletic Performance

By Unpain Clinic on November 12, 2019

I would like to begin to explain my first experience with Uran Berisha, Shockwave Therapist, as it was full of skepticism and doubt.  It seems like forever that I have believed with conviction that our bodies are programmed and designed to want to heal themselves. For a myriad of reasons the control our bodies need is lost. I also believe with conviction that all is not lost; we just need a way to give control back to our bodies. Upon meeting Uran for the first time, I quickly realized his professional compassion and that his shockwave therapy would guide my body back towards control to heal itself. Uran’s knowledge of shockwave therapy and its tools were quite obvious and very easy to understand and my skepticism and doubts were quickly put to rest. I explained to Uran an accident that I had about 9 years ago. I fell off a step ladder and landed on my elbow, and the result was that my doctor operated on my shoulder. So to make a long story short, I have been suffering with chronic pain shooting up my bicep, all the way to the front of my shoulder, ever since the operation. My doctor explained that there were no guarantees with the shoulder operation so I just assumed it was something I was going to have to put up with. Upon my explanation to Uran, he asked if anyone had ever looked at my elbow and my response was no. Uran proceeded with his shockwave treatment to my elbow, forearm, bicep and then to my shoulder. In 3 visits, my chronic pain did not appear to be going away and he assured me that I should stop treatment and give my body time to take back control. That was in December 2013. I had one more visit after the 3 and now it is March 2014 and Uran was totally right on! My elbow and shoulder chronic pain is just about gone now. So thanks to Uran, approximately 6 months has passed after being in chronic pain for 9 years; his diagnosis and shockwave treatment has given back control to my body and my quality of life has improved ten fold. I am a professional Fitness and Nutrition Lifestyle Coach; my wife and I run a successful business helping people to give back control to their bodies, through nutrition and guided fitness programs. I recommend all my existing clients and new clients coming on, that if they have any issues with pain, to pay Uran a visit. Discover what I have discovered in that his main purpose, the journey he has chosen is to give your body back control to heal itself.
Thanks, Uran!
Ageless Fitness & Health, Fitness & Nutrition Lifestyle Coach