Jacie Bond – Chronic Back & Knee Pain

By Unpain Clinic on November 13, 2019

It is now six months since I had my first shockwave treatment. I was in utter disbelief when I got off the table after the first treatment and stood WITH NO PAIN!! In all, I had six treatments, three focusing mainly on my lower back and three more focussing on my knees. Chronic back pain, a major part of my life since 1982, is significantly reduced. I stand and walk, equally balanced on both feet. Eighteen months ago, I had a full knee replacement on my left knee with the right knee scheduled for surgery a few months later. As time went by, I decided I would pursue an alternative treatment to the surgery for the right knee. Now, the pain in both knees has appreciably declined and the mobility in my left knee has increased. Several times daily, I stop what I am doing and revel in the state of reduced pain. Life is much more enjoyable! Thank you, Uran, for allowing me to participate in my daily physical activities with much more ease. As an aside, I increased my walking routine in California back to the time and distance it was before I had the knee replacement surgery. Several of the other “regular” walkers commented on how much improvement they saw even as compared to before the surgery. Considering I will turn 70 in a few days, I appreciated the comments! With sincere thanks.