Andie Chibri – Chronic Back Pain

By Unpain Clinic on November 13, 2019

I had initially gone to see Uran for a massage several years ago. He told me he’d be happy to do a massage (I had INSANE back pain, I could only lay down flat to curb some of the pain – sitting and standing was excruciating), but he’d love to try Shockwave Therapy on me. I gave it a go, and after the first session (literally, immediately after) I felt relief. After 2 more sessions I was basically cured! I went back a few months later just to make sure everything was healing properly! I was amazed. Shockwave is no joke, it saved me! As for other treatments at Unpain/Remedial – I’ve had acupuncture (for sinus inflammation), massages, as well as aesthetician treatments and all have been well worth the money. You won’t be disappointed with your treatments here!