Privacy Policy

Privacy of personal information is an important principle to Unpain Clinic
We are committed to collecting, using and disclosing personal information responsibly and only to the extent necessary for the goods and services we provide.  We also try to be open and transparent as to how we handle personal information.  This document describes our privacy policies.

What is Personal Information?

Personal information is information about an identifiable individual.  Personal information includes information that relates to their personal characteristics (e.g., gender, age, income, home address or phone number, ethnic background, family status), their health (e.g., health history, health conditions, health services received by them) or their activities and views (e.g., religion, politics, opinions expressed by an individual, and opinion or evaluation of an individual).  Personal information is to be contrasted with business information (e.g., in individual’s business address and telephone number), which is not protected by privacy legislation.

Collection of Personal Health Information:

With your consent we collect your personal health information directly from you, or from the person acting on your behalf.  Examples of the type of personal health information that we collect may include, your name, date of birth, address, health history, records of your visits to Unpain Clinic and details of the treatment that you received during your visits.  We may sometimes collect personal health information about you from other sources, if we have obtained your consent to do so, or if the law permits.

Uses and Disclosures of Personal Health Information:

Your personal health information will be used and disclosed only for the following purposes:
⦁ Treating and providing health care to you;
⦁ Receive or directly invoice for your payment for treatment and care (e.g., WSIB, private insurer, others);
⦁ Conduct risk management, case study and quality improvement activities;
⦁ Comply with legal and regulatory requirements;
⦁ Fulfill other purposes permitted or required by law;

All Unpain Clinic locations retain files for a minimum of 10 years from the last date of service. In the case of a minor, records must be kept for a minimum of 10 years from the date that the minor turns 18 years of age or a minimum of 10 years from the last date of service (whichever is longer).

Your Rights:

At any time you may access, correct your personal health records, or withdraw your consent for some of the above uses and disclosures (subject to legal exceptions) by contacting our privacy officer.

We Will Respond to Your Concerns

We have designated a Privacy Officer, Kati Luknowsky, to answer your questions and respond to your concerns.
To find out more about our privacy protection practices, or raise any concerns, contact:
Tel No: 587-400-8666
Fax #: 780-391-2001
E-mail: [email protected]