Welcome to Dr. Lacina, Unpain Clinic’s New Holistic Chiropractor

By Unpain Clinic on December 27, 2021

Dr. Lacina, Unpain Clinic’s New Holistic Chiropractor


Unpain clinic is thrilled to welcome Dr. Lacina. She joins us as our new holistic chiropractor, although she has a long-standing connection with the clinic and with Uran Berisha. They met about seven years ago during some continuing education training. Impressed with each other’s work, they kept in contact over the years.

Dr. Lacina is certified as a full-body ART provider and clinical acupuncture provider. She is certified in gait analysis and orthotics provision. Dr. Lacina has a Doctor of Chiropractic from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2013.

Dr. Lacina uses a holistic approach, always looking out for the best interests of her patients. When she encountered a patient whose progress plateaued, she looked for more answers. This patient had problems with a shoulder that kept them from working. They could only lift their arm to shoulder height, which made it impossible for them to do the overhead work and heavy lifting required on their job. It was then that Dr. Lacina decided to refer the patient to the Unpain clinic.  With only a few Shockwave treatments, the patient returned to work at full capacity.

Dr. Lacina continued to get extraordinary results for her patients. And she started to refer more patients to Uran Berisha at the Unpain Clinic for Shockwave therapy in conjunction with their chiropractic treatments.

When Unpain Clinic had an opening for a chiropractor, it was natural that Dr. Lacina receive an invitation to join the practice.

In this podcast, Dr. Lacina and Uran Berisha discuss the importance of coordinating care and working together for patients. They recall the time they met and enjoy some informal conversation. The most fascinating section of this recording for many may be when these two pain specialists discuss muscle memory and fascial memory. They consider how a person’s lifetime of injuries and surgeries add up to make healing without intervention more difficult over time. They go on to discuss how they work with patients to uncover the layers and root causes of dysfunction and pain. And ultimately, they admit they have favourite types of pain to treat and explain why. That said, they both want to do themselves out of a job by making sure every patient receives the treatment they need to live a full and pain free life.