Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in Edmonton

By Unpain Clinic on February 16, 2022

Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Disfunction

Uran: Today it’s my pleasure to share this episode with one of our most amazing physiotherapists at UnPain Clinic, Jide Olabode and we are going to talk about specifically men’s health shockwave in general and his personal experience with this modality. Hi, Jide.

Jide: Thanks for having me.

Uran: My pleasure, man. My pleasure. It’s interesting how we even met, right?

Jide: That’s right. That’s right. Many years ago. Center for Learning.

Uran: Yes, yeah, yeah. So, when I moved to Canada, I tried to go through the like to take the physiotherapy exam, and you were my mentor, to pass the exam. Or to go through the process. Unfortunately, I could not pass the exam because there were like million things happening. But we share pretty much the same mindset and approach. And here we are now working together on Shockwave, and it’s been amazing. blog from you, with this amazing technology that actually bridges a huge gap in terms of therapeutic physiotherapist. So yeah, I’m really having a good time.

Jide: Yeah. Well, thank you, man.

Uran: Thank you. So, before you actually, I want to I want to pick your brain here before you start using shockwave and you came to UnPain. What was your impression? What did you think about shock wave?

Jide: I didn’t really know much about shock. But a few things about it. What I’m now realizing that the only thing that I heard about was just the radial pressure wave, which is what every field has shockwave tends to use and refer to as Shockwave. So, what here we know, of sort of Shockwave, and it’s not really shockwave that we use for healing, and all those other benefits, right?

Many Kinds of Shockwave Therapies for Erectile Disfunction

Uran: Yes, yeah. True. There are many kinds of shock waves. So, the true shock wave, but we call it the UnPain clinic is or to shock waves in the world, or in it from a physics perspective, or made from three different types of generators, which is the electrohydraulic generator. We do have like this guy here. And then we have the electrohydraulic generator, which is like this, this one here. Yeah. And then the radial pressure wave pretty much what everybody calls it, Shockwave. Right. So, and, yeah, it’s true. So, there’s a lot of confusion in the market. But hopefully, one day and it’s becoming more and more popular. I remember when we start doing shock waves in in Edmonton in 2011. Nobody knew what we were talking about. And then gradually now it’s this new thing, that’s hot topics.

Jide: So, it’s funny though. Shockwave has been around for a while, and it’s been using conditions like kidney stones to break down kidney stones. So, it’s been around in, you know, other Musculoskeletal and connective tissue benefits. It’s being used, but it’s just like you said, it’s not well known. Right? But shockwave has been around and use a therapeutic and on. So, it’s like a lower spectrum of Shockwave. If you think about it, correct.

Uran: Correct. They’re all sound waves. Yeah. It’s just like different sound waves have different characteristics. And then they’ve therefore they do different stimulations in the body and cause different biological response from human body.

Jide: That’s right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Uran: So what is now your you do the MSK component and add on pain clinic, and you work during the day at UVA? Right?

Jide Olabode Physiotherapist at UnPain Clinic – A Specialist in the Treatment of Erectile Disfunction (ED)

Jide: Yeah, so I’ve been a physiotherapist. 21 years I graduated in Nigeria 2001. I worked I worked in Nigeria for a couple of years, and then I moved to Canada in 2004 and I’ve been here ever since. So, I’ve been a PT. I’ve worked mostly in acute care setting. I also worked rural Alberta. So, where you have a mixed bag of things, QT, and elderly health and long-term care and community health outpatients you know, so and then I moved back into emptying working at the UVI, the critical care unit, the UV hospital since 2007, then I dabbled a little bit into private practice, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Often, you know, you or clinic was not super busy at the time. But also, when you assess a patient, you kind of have an idea what they need, but you don’t necessarily have technology to kind of match the exercise you’re trying to do so. You know, do things like you know, dry needling and stuff, I’m not training any of that, and I’m sure they have their benefits and whatnot, but I just the private practice, I’m so I kind of left back in 2008. And just stuck with the acute care setting at the ICU. And then I ran into Uran in 2018 or 19? And he was telling me about,

Uran: yes. 19 I think it was just before the whole thing collapsed.

Jide Olabode Physiotherapist on the Treatment of Erectile Disfunction (ED) Using Shockwave Therapy

Jide: Yeah. And also, you know, what I felt like, just in the conversation and some of the evidence that he presented that you presented them speaking of you. I felt like I’ve been looking for, to bridge my skill set, you know. And so we, you know, we had to sit down and I was like, Yeah, let’s, and I’m really glad I did, because it’s been great since then. I mean, it’s been a learning curve. And I continue to learn and evolve, obviously, but, but it’s been pretty good so far, and seeing some really amazing things with sharp.

Uran: You don’t mind one thing that I love about you is because you’re very open minded, you’re willing to learn you’re, you’re looking the research, like we were we brainstorm a lot and you have come away, like you had improved so much from like, where we started the shock wave to today as the point that now you pretty much run by yourself the whole like the Men’s Health, you know, treatment where it’s like shockwave for erectile dysfunction, Peyronie and pelvic pain syndrome, pretty much.

A Brief History of Shockwave Therapy for ED

See, just to give you kind of a brief history here for people that are listening or watching. We are actually one of the pioneers in Canada when it comes for shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction. It’s a treatment that we have been doing since 2014. So, we had different therapists during those years.

UnPain Clinic is a pioneer for shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction in Canada. It’s a treatment that we have been doing since 2014. – Uran

And in Europe, it actually started in 2010. For that to become kind of the mainstream for vasculogenic ED, for erectile dysfunction that is purely due to poor blood circulation in that area. And so now we do that treatment for a long time. But then, in 2019, we brought the flash wave the electro hydraulic system, which is it’s a low intensity it’s kind of… they call it like a low focus applicator with electrohydraulic so that has been a game changer and it’s interesting because, again, now we are leaving even with that it’s the only pretty much device in North America that is used at UnPain clinic for Erectile dysfunction because there are only six in North America, we have three of them, but the other three are used more for aesthetics and for MSK. But not for ED.

Shockwave Therapy Works on Hearts

And one more thing, because when we when I attended the International Society for medical shockwave treatments, and it’s really good to match with this. I’m very excited when I went to try flash wave, you know, as a as a tool in 2017. I was actually in Spain at the conference, and I felt it. A friend of mine, Dr. Kenneth Gregg, at that time he was the next president of International Society for medical shockwave treatments. And he told me about it. So he invited me to Munich, Germany. So after I came back to Canada, I flew back, tested the device. And I said, “This is unbelievable.” This is like nothing else.

And then this year at the conference, the guy who knew Yes, yes, yeah. And so, yes, he’s the ED guy, but the one what’s his name? He’s a cardio surgeon. He has created a device called Hearts. It’s actually specifically for heart regeneration. So Christian Meuller, he’s actually the creator of the flash wave system of electrohydraulic systems. And he created no device that is used directly on the Heart for Heart regeneration if somebody has problem with a blood circulation in the heart that use exactly are very similar is the same engineer who was able to create that device.

And when this doctor contacted all other manufacturers, said, can you guys make a device for heart like to use it directly on the heart, nobody was able to actually create such a small applicator with that much energy to deliver and to cause those biological responses. So, like, it was when I heard that it made my honestly made my day because I know how good you know flash wave is especially when it comes to stimulation of new blood vessel growth.

Physiotherapist Jide Discusses Patient Progress at UnPain Clinic

So sorry, I kind of went off topic, but I just wanted to share.

Jide: It’s good to know all the history behind Yeah.

Uran: So how, how it’s been so far for you like you have been treating a couple guys a week with Shockwave for ED?

Jide: Mm hmm. Yeah. So, it’s been it’s been really good, actually, so far. I looked at all the evidence out there and, in our conversations, and stuff, and so and we realize that you know, leans more towards the electrohydraulic shockwaves for treating ED, and a lot of the case studies show good evidence, right, there hasn’t been a big clinical, scene on this, they still some of them are. But from what I’ve seen, it looks like the electrohydraulic has better effects, because the energy is the focal point is a little bit wider than the electrohydraulic also was faster in liquid, as you can imagine, an electrohydraulic generates a shockwave through a liquid medium through a dome shaped theater that looks like this.

So, then you can kind of deliver the energy over a wider area. And even in the feedback from the clients, I start with a little kind of starter dose of the electro focal shock wave, I do about 1200 shocks for starters, the actual hydraulics or the flash wave and we do about 3000 shocks so on either side adults All full aspect of the penis and the sides of the penis and then across and then we do about 800 shocks around the prostate area in the pelvic that’s the target the prostate as well because the some of the autonomic nerves that innervate the penis go through there.

How Long Before ED Improves with Shockwave Therapy?

And yeah, and to say that it just feels completely different for the patients in a few sessions, and you know, so far I’ve been I’ve had a handful of patients in recent in the recent weeks, I had a couple that I just discharged about two weeks ago. With really good results. I want pleats, but again, he was already showing significant improvement are we monitor. So, what are some of the things that I monitor?

What if I Get an Erection During my ED Therapy?

If they have an erection during the sessions, I measure it on something called the erection hardness score that we adopted from that gentleman. And so, it’s a four-point scale that used to determine how hard direction is the for obviously, the highest kind of erection where the penis is harder and ready for penetration and then three is where the penis is hard, rigid, and into his way it’s not quite rigid enough for penetration and then one is like there’s increase in size, but it’s not. And, and this gentleman was having, you know, like, a fourth full on for four-point direction. And but for some reason, he still feels like he needed more, and I don’t really understand.

The Erection Hardness Score helps monitor improvements in ED during Shockwave Therapy Treatment. – Jide Olabode Physiotherapist, ED Treatment Specialist

And also, the thing is, so I’m looking at that direction, I’m also looking at how retention, right because as we know, in erectile dysfunction, it’s either you have difficulty, or you don’t have retain erection because of the venous outflow. So, you’re supposed to, when you’re having an influx of blood, just to quickly review how erection works. So. you have your that maintain a tonic state, that keep blood flow at the bare minimum into the penis, just enough to keep nourishment, but then when… So, these muscles are stimulated by the sympathetic nerves, so they maintain that toned state.

Nerves Take Over During Sexual Arousal

And when you have you know, sexual activity arousal, they have the nerves take over and then the somatic nerves take over. So, part of authentic nerves now causes the muscles to relax so that you can have blood flow to into the penis, as a penis gets engorged, it feels a little spots this little sinuses in a penis and to get in gorged and then when you’re getting fortunate, you are clued venous outflow, right. So often when they’re out flow, that you can’t retain an erection, that’s all sometimes is because the that there’s a lot of vascular dam, and get influx of blood into the penis in the first place. And that is behind a lot of connective tissue build up. And this was observed in patients who were doing who had needing like penal tissue from them and analyze it in the lab. Or the tissue had a lot of connective tissue, like

Uran: muscles, right? Yeah. issue in the in the pediatric like, yeah, he’s like fine. Like scar tissue?

Jide: Pretty much. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So that prevents blood flow in. And so, the beautiful thing about shockwave is the vasculogenic problems, because it helps to start developing new valves, what activates the old ones.

How Many Sessions of Shockwave Therapy are Necessary for ED?

Second, if you have a lot of connective tissue in there, it tends to break those down. Because we know shockwave is excellent for scar tissue and then third is activation of the nerves. Right? So, and activates stem cells and growth factor. Phasing for the end, you know, we see result and we do either if you’re doing the focal protocol, it’s like two treatments a week. Treatment A total with a little break in the middle. Or if you’re doing a flash wave, we typically do one treatment a week for about five sessions.

Every patient is different. Protocol is 5 Shockwave treatments for ED, but then we adjust for each person. Some need more sessions. It’s a fine balancing act. – Jide Olabode, Physiotherapist, ED Treatment Specialist

Right, which I’m still trying to figure out is every patient tends to be a little bit different. So we had the protocol, five treatments, and then we stopped, right. But I’m starting to realize that some patients are good with that. And they okay with that, with some patients that need a follow up to see if they need more treatments. Right. And so, and that’s where you have to do that fine balance and balancing act.

But you know, we’re learning and we’re seeing but all so far I’m seeing really good results with I had one recently, who was. And also there’s other factors, which also realizing that there could be medical things like diabetes, and thyroid issues and things which we screened at the beginning. We are asking him about that. That could be stress, performance anxiety, that could be other things or stressors in patient’s life. And we try to screen those and ask about those because psychologist or physician, so I can only ask in Screen for so much if they can get help for those issues, if needed.

Does Shockwave Cure All ED?

But I’m also realizing that, you know, sometimes it is the maybe performance anxiety issues associated with this. There’s also cultural issues, because men typically don’t try to talk about this, especially depending on what your cultural background is. Right? So, I had this guy who’s felt like he wasn’t getting better. And you know that he doesn’t think district me, but I was like, okay. He wasn’t having any erection whatsoever, even with Cialis. Okay. And then he said, I’ve had a few early morning erections. I was like, Okay, that’s good. The doctor told us the best. That’s the best. That’s good. So isn’t what I tried. I tried having intercourse and didn’t work out okay. So, we go to new trouble.

Shockwave Therapy removes physical barriers in ED by improving blood flow and removing adhesions. – Jide Olabode, Physiotherapist, ED Treatment Specialist

And as soon as I turn on the machine, he has a 3.5 out of four erection. I was like, okay. You know, and I was like, I tell them, can you see this, like, this is crazy. Like, because this is not working. But as soon as we start to treatment, and he retains  the erection for about 15 minutes into the session, it’s nuts. So, I know what, he’s an older gentleman, he’s probably the oldest of my clients. Pick this some time. Sometimes, you know, the response that I’m seeing you today is what I would see three sessions in for my other clients, but you’re getting it. So, let’s give it some time, we’re going to stop, we’re going to take some break. And I will call him back, I’m planning to call him back about four, six weeks. To check in on him, see how he’s going, maybe giving some point.

Adjusting Treatments to Specific Patient Requirements

I personally feel like he might need one or two more sessions. But we’ll see how it goes. He probably may not even need it. More treatment, but it’s just to figure out that just like you don’t treat every patient with an MSK problem, the same thing with erectile dysfunction, you may we may have a protocol that sees five treatments and then that’s it. But some people may need maybe the six or Yes, get them to that destination.

Uran: And that’s the thing is like you do that the initial those initial protocols, one, like one to five sessions, right, like the five sessions to get the regeneration going to get the healing going. But then you have to allow the body to respond on that to clear up those scar tissues and adhesions create new blood vessel growth. And as you said, they’re late, it’s not just the problem is not just with the penis, it could be you know, cardiovascular, it could be psychological. It’s so it’s that there are multiple factors that contribute on that. But if you can actually remove the scar tissues remove the adhesions, clear up the pathways, and they gain probably a little bit confidence, then it can help you know the psychological aspect. And then it like human body. It’s one single structure, everything is connected or connected.

How Common is ED?

And it’s crazy today to think how many men actually suffer with erectile dysfunction is when you search it just on Google and check it it’s most of places say it’s over 50% of men over 40 they experience erectile dysfunction. So, it’s or some kind, right, like, so it’s very common. And it this is amazing now that there’s actually completely noninvasive tool. Like there’s no injections, there’s nothing, you know, done in that area. But you get pretty much the best effect when it comes to regenerative, you know, aspect because it’s, it’s clearing up the tissue. And then it’s emulating that biological stimulation.

Over 50% of men over 40 experience erectile dysfunction. Now there is a completely noninvasive tool to regenerate function that has stupendous results. – Uran

Jide: And yeah, it’s phenomenal. And I go to a lot of the methods and stuff and ideas, for monitoring progress from that gentleman, Doctor Goldstein in California. Yes, he did a wonderful presentation at the last conference shockwave conferences in the fall. And, you know, it’s been really good, because you want to keep some of this as objective as possible. To make sure that you you’re actually making progress and being able to track how the patients are responding to this. Like so. And obviously, I mean, there’s still always room to learn and continue to evolve. But I’m having, you know, it’s very illuminating, working with these cases and, and seeing another thing from him was that and he also just stumbled on this.

A Breakthrough in ED Treatment with Shockwave Therapy

So, they had a patient that they were treating with shockwave they were going to do an ultrasound of his penis, so they injected a solution into the penis and then did the ultrasound and then they were going to drain the fluid and the patient’s like no way you’re not doing that. You’re gonna have to do the treatment like this with an erection. And then as he started doing the treatment, and he was like the lights just went off in his head, it was just like really treatment, I mean, just thinking that you have more volume, the concept of acoustic impedance in physics, which means that you have how energy travels through different tissues, right?

And you have more volume and more girth with the shockwaves so you’re obviously going to be able to do deliver more energy when you have more volume, it just makes sense. So have patient right from the beginning if you happen to have an erection during his treatment, that is actually okay. That’s what I want, I want that because then your treatment, would you respond better. Secondly, I said, you know, itself a visual, visual stimuli on your phone or whatever, feel free, as long as you know, you know, the end result is that you can have an erection while I’m doing the treatment.

Uran: Exactly that. Yes, I’m happy with it so interesting.

Jide: It’s very interesting. For sure. Yeah.

Preventative Options for ED

Uran: Yeah. So do like, personally, I don’t have any ED, you know, dysfunction problem. But my goal, it’s always proactive, I always want to prevent that. And it’s an area that you know, you use it constantly so. Right. So, yeah, once in a while I do a treatment myself. And it’s interesting, because when I used to do actually with, with a with a focal Shockwave, you still I still had that fact. But it was kind of a little bit more delayed, I think it was more the fact of angiogenesis later on. Where I do the shot, the flash wave that electrohydraulic you get that instant stimulation. And it almost like feels that like even the size almost like changes a little bit because of the amount of stimulation and blood flow and it just it feels a little bit more thicker. And that’s how it’s been for me personally. And out of that if I do it on Friday, I get actually the next morning I get the full breakfast and dinner it’s a true thing.

A Penis Holder? Really?

I want to share this story because, you know, we pretty much like we have the devices in the room and then we have the setup, so we have this this guy called the Swiss boy. So it’s just a penis holder, right? But when we do it like it goes like this way and you put the penis right there and you shoot it so it’s crazy. And most of the clients actually when they see this, they think it’s some kind of you know, a special tool or souvenir and oh my god, we have to answer and then it’s latest Mosley asking like what is this thing and then we tell them oh my god, I did not know that this works for a lot. I’m going to send my husband. And then couple days later, you see husbands you know, coming in for treatment, which is good, which is great. Because if we can prevent something, you know, before it becomes a problem, it’s always much easier. And it can be used again it can be used for treating the dysfunction but also, you know, optimizing or maintaining what you have.

That’s a couple sessions a year it doesn’t hurt.

Jide: That’s right.

Shockwave Therapy for ED Outside of Edmonton

Uran: For people that are not from Edmonton and there around the world, one thing that as a as a shockwave therapist or Shockwave instructive because I teach shockwave as well, wherever you are, if you’re looking for proper you know, erectile dysfunction treatment, go and look more for either the focal shock wave, because this is again a true shock wave, it sounds like this. And or the electro hydraulic which sounds like this. It sounds way more scarier. Right. But, but, yeah, especially, I’m talking from my personal experience, and then you have a radial pressure wave like the jackhammer. So, this is again, this is not the true Shockwave, even though there are now people that are using, or you see brands over all over the place, but for if you’re looking for that stem cell activation for the full regeneration of what the science provides, is the true shockwave and there’s another brand of Shockwave called P zero electric. Unfortunately, we don’t have that because it’s very precise, but I’ve seen actually at the conference, they have an applicator that is little bit wider. So they can kind of create a default applicator. So wherever you are, if you’re looking for the right shot treatment for erectile dysfunction, then go and look more for those months.

Can You Be Too Young or Too Old for ED Treatment with Shockwave Therapy?

Uran: Exactly, exactly. So what is what is the youngest client that you have treated so far for? ED?

Jide: 31.

Uran: Yeah, yeah. And how about the oldest?

Jide: 60? around 65 – 66? mid 60s?

Uran: Okay, okay. Okay. That’s yeah, that’s true.

Jide: That is not true. I just started with a gentleman who is 91

Uran: 91. See, it doesn’t matter the age, right?

Jide: That’s right.

Uran: It’s, all about the feeling. And it’s interesting Jide, because we have the numbers, but then we have inside the biological age, right? It depends how  old you are inside. So, the numbers of your years that are in paper, that doesn’t mean that biologically you’re that old. Or you could be actually younger, but inside biologically, you can be older. So that’s why nowadays, we have all those tools and things to help you.

Jide: Yes.

Why Some Men Might Hesitate to Act Now for Long-term Noninvasive ED Treatment with Shockwave Therapy

Uran: Wow. So, what would you say, Jide to a man that, let’s say that they’re having this problem? And they’re hesitating to, to come for treatment for whatever reason, or to take action to do something about it.

Jide: Okay, yeah, no, good question. So, with shockwave, the good thing is that it’s not painful. It’s noninvasive. Sometimes people say the cost is a little prohibitive upfront, but if you think about it, it’s a short-term treatment issue, right? So, if you’ve been taking like the phosphate esterase inhibitor, so like the Viagra and Cialis, and you calculate how much you spend on that over a course of 5, 10, 20 years, right? Or we’re talking about even more invasive procedures, like PRP treatment and exit treatments, and an even more invasive implants and stuff. I mean, it’s a no brainer, we’re not gonna cut you open, we’re not gonna, it’s not it is not gonna hurt you. It’s absolutely noninvasive, it’s safe. And so, the end effects is actually better. If you think about it in totality. Perfection, you don’t have like you would form a penile implant or from any other invasive procedure. And so, it’s just, it’s, it’s a no brainer.

It’s not painful. It’s completely noninvasive. And it works long-term for most men. It’s a no-brainer that Shockwave Therapy should be the first, go-to treatment to get off medications and avoid a penile implant, injections, or any other invasive procedure. – Jide Olabode, Physiotherapist, ED Treatment Specialist

Jide: And the results are pretty amazing. Now we have upwards of 60% of people have significant recovery. Yes, Shockwave treatments, right. So, it’s a no brainer that if this is the, this should be your first go to, right. And you’ll probably like to get you off of the medications, you know. And you may, and after five or six treatments done, you may not need the or, you may need to have a few more. Yeah, everybody’s different. Right. But, you know, it’s very safe. And I would recommend, I would recommend it for my family. If anybody ever had a family member for sure.

Uran: Yes. Thank you for bringing up PRP because PRP, it’s another very popular regenerative tool which uses like your plasma or sometimes, you know, dextrose like sugar solutions could cause a biological stimulation in the area, which is great. And there’s a saying if there’s no rain hail, it’s good enough, you know, so when the when there’s no shockwave PRP, it’s great. But PRP and stem cell, I call them just like helicoptering yourself, like, we have to go and understand why you’re bald, it’s not actually going in and responding to that area.

What is the problem and typically, the problem is with scar tissues adhesions, like physical structures that are actually interrupting proper blood flow. And if there’s no proper blood flow, then you don’t have those cells coming in and kind of detecting what the problem is and repairing it. And this is the advantage of the of the shockwave because it’s purely sound wave. It’s a vibration. It’s a mechanical force. It’s actually breaking down those scar tissues, adhesions, creating optimal conditions for healing.

And because it’s  causing that false injury in the system, the nervous system, your brain, now it’s getting involved in that side. It’s almost like having a construction going on where you have, you know, the project manager, you have the architect, you have the construction guys, you know, knowing what to do. And therefore, I think we see amazing results. Whether it’s a muscle bone or you know penis or wound or whatever you treat with shockwave or anti-aging, you see those amazing results because you’re involving the whole system into the healing work.

Stem Cells or PRP Don’t Always Work

Typically, you do you know that the injections, the stem cells or PRP, you’re causing that artificial stimulation in that area, but it’s only at the cellular level. And the brain, it’s not really engaged. And therefore, sometimes they work sometimes they don’t work. And what I typically tell people, and this is the same even for Ed, if they want to take it to the next step. I always say it’s shockwave is the regeneration seat, where you plant the regeneration, you get the healing going, it is a fertilizer like you can help it right.

Jide: It’s funny that you use a similar analogy that I give patients like you plant a shrub, and you sow the seed, and you wait for the roots to sprout. Now the roots sprout. But yeah, it’s the same very similar analogy that I use. That’s yeah. Yeah, but you also Yeah, just to add on to what you were saying. So yeah, the shockwave tends to have all those effects those layers of effects so you throw problem if you have connective tissue build up, you can break the care of the energy that’s traveling through any cavitation and behind it brings down those abnormal tissues, then you stimulate cellular growth and angiogenesis and growth factors to stimulate blood vessels also activating and stimulating mechanical receptors nerves, so you have these multi-pronged effects not on this this thing that you like you’re saying you will not necessarily have from an injection with PRP, right. So

Injections WHERE? Now THAT’S Invasive!

Uran: yes, yes. Yeah. Yeah. And I honestly, I’m terrified of injections. With my blood and get blocked us done, I just warned the nurse and I say, Hey, careful here. I’m warning you. But say to me, I did not tell you if I faint from a needle, I told you. So, I cannot imagine somebody you know, putting a needle in my penis.

Jide: Yeah, I know for sure that that sounds like a very scary. Anyways, we’re therapy. Physiotherapists. I don’t have training for that anyway. So, I’m not going to be getting anybody so anytime. So yes, yeah.

Uran: Jide, this has been we, we could go all day and talk and share experiences and all that but I truly hope that this is enough like a spark for you, a man that you’re dealing probably with like you have some kind of a dysfunction or like you’re dealing with anything for erectile dysfunction or Peyronie. Like, like quickly, Jide, what is, what is pure illness like Peyronie disease, I know that people that have it that they know, but…

Shockwave Therapy for Peyronie Disease

Jide: It actually is, is a condition where there’s a built or tissue in the top of the penis, right? And so that again, interferes with getting good erection. We need those, those sinus spaces to be patent for you to be able to feel them with blood vessels and indoors to penis to get an erection. And so, when you have an abnormal buildup of scar tissue, it interferes with that process. And that’s essentially what Peyronie is. And if the penis guy kind of has an abnormal shape it forms right like a deform shape because of the scar tissue in there.

Uran: Yeah, yeah, it’s uh, yeah, I call it a little bit off roading penis you know. Yeah, so sorry about that I’m not laughing about it but it’s I want to again shine a light to it because it there’s something that there is a treatment available for it completely noninvasive. And the mechanism is the same thing is just with Peyronie is we have to focus more on the on the on that scar tissue build up to release that because that’s that’s the main source of of congestion or interruption of the of the blood blood flow. Yeah. Yeah.

In Conclusion

Okay, man, thank you. I know that you have to go back to work now and help people and yeah, I truly appreciate your time. This is not gonna be the first or last one. Yes, Episode begin. In the future. We’re gonna probably they pick up a shoulder something else. Yeah, absolutely. You know how to treat and then we’ll just brainstorm and try to help you know, whoever it’s listening. Try to spread the knowledge because when you know something, you don’t realize how much powerful it could be because it’s very easy and simple for you. But for people who hear about this for the first time, it can change their life. Yes. Okay. Very much. All right.

Jide: Thank you very much. See you later.