Flashwave Therapy is Making Waves in Non-invasive Regeneration Therapy

By Unpain Clinic on July 31, 2019

What is Flashwave® Therapy?

Flashwave® is a new, non-invasive regenerative therapy which uses sound waves to stimulate communication between different types of cells and activate endogenous stem cells.  It is applied at the surface of the skin and, depending on the Flashwave® device used, creates a specific cellular response in the targeted tissue.

Unravelling the Radial “Shockwave” Misnomer

Radial shockwave has been used heavily in Canada – especially over the last 5 years.  Many Canadians have tried or at least heard of the technology.  Many have mixed reviews on its effectiveness.  Ironically, it is not a shockwave at all – it is a pressure wave.

Even some practitioners would be hard-pressed to tell you the difference between the two; however, they produce profoundly different treatment effects.  If it sounds like a jackhammer, it is not a shockwave – it is a pressure wave.  The differences are essential but the terms are often (and incorrectly) used interchangeably.

Is a Flashwave® a Shockwave?

This depends on your definition of shockwave.  Flashwave®️ is nothing like what you most likely know shockwave to be.   The vast majority of systems sold as shockwave devices are actually pressure wave devices, not true shockwaves as we know them in physical terms.

Radial shockwave – or pressure wave – devices use air pressure and a metal rod to create the wave (“radial shockwave”).  Treatment guidelines from the International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment (ISMST) instruct the therapist to apply the pressure wave superficially to the area the patient is showing symptoms (i.e. if the patient presents with heel pain, the heel is treated).

Flashwaves®️ are not created or used in this way.  They are an entirely different technology and therapy approach.  A Flashwave®️ is generated by a high-voltage electric discharge (“flash”) in specially-formulated liquid to create a wave which travels at supersonic speed from a CCI®️ (Cellular Communication Interface®️) through the application area and deep into the patient.  The advanced technology and customized therapeutic approach produce a far more impactful healing effect than that of pulsed ultrasound, radial pressure waves, piezo-electric or electromagnetic shockwaves.

Radial Shockwave vs Flashwave®

When comparing Flashwaves®️ to what we currently use as shockwaves, it is like comparing a Formula 1 race car to a Go Kart.  The Formula 1 car will do everything the Go Kart will do; however, the Go Kart will never compete with the capabilities of the Formula 1 racer.

Flashwaves®️ are the next generation of regeneration therapy; an evolved form of a focused shockwave that has been proven effective for indications not currently treatable using traditional shockwave technologies.

Better Technology.  Better Training.

Flashwave®️ therapy is a healing system like nothing that has preceded it.

Flashwave®️ therapy prioritizes diagnosing the cause of medical problems, then treating that with custom-made treatment protocols for each patient.  This is a drastic departure from the current status quo of treating symptoms with standardized treatment protocols and static application.

Therapists using Flashwave®️ technology find that it does everything that shockwave can do, plus a larger scope of more complex pain and medical conditions.  To support this revolution in regenerative medicine, the Flashwave®️ Faculty instructs and educates every Flashwave®️ therapist about all aspects of Flashwave®️ technology and its application, setting the treatment guidelines for all medical users of Flashwave®️ therapy globally.

Unique Flashwave®Indications

Flashwave® therapy can be used for a broad range of medical conditions, ranging from urological, diabetic, musculoskeletal and aesthetic medical scopes.Primary indications of the musculoskeletal system are:

  • Remobilization of elderly patients through treatment of sarcopenia and dynapenia
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndromes
  • Tissue optimization and resilience for professional and amateur athletes
  • Unspecific low back pain
  • Treatment of post-surgical complications of the musculoskeletal complex
  • Post-stroke rehabilitation and increased motor-neurological control of extremities