Discover the Hidden Connection Between Your Surgery and Chronic Pain

By Unpain Clinic on October 12, 2023

Discover the Hidden Connection Between Your Surgery and Chronic Pain

Have you ever had surgery in your lifetime? If you say yes, it might mean there is a main reason for your ongoing pain in your lower back. It could also explain the tightness in your neck and any issues with your joints or muscles. If you’ve tried many treatments but still have pain, there’s a reason it won’t go away. Let me share a personal experience that changed my life and the lives of countless clients.

Personal Transformation

When I was five, I had hernia surgery on my left side. Even though I swam and cycled competitively, my core muscles didn’t get stronger. During muscle testing training, I discovered that surgery scars can impact muscle function. Scars can silently harm your well-being, affecting athletes’ muscles, balance, and performance.

The Power of Shockwave Therapy
My journey led me to a revolutionary discovery. Shockwave therapy, a field in which I’ve conducted over 35,000 treatments, proved to be the game-changer. I could reset these scars using shockwave therapy. After only a few sessions, I saw my core muscles working and the change was amazing. Yet, this wasn’t one occurrence. It was a significant moment that began transforming the lives of many people.

The Surgery-Pain Connection

Let me explain why surgery can set the stage for chronic pain. Your skin, which is the largest part of your body, sends important messages to your brain and nerves for all your actions. Your muscles are tools that can’t think for themselves. During surgery, regardless of its size or type, the skin and fascia, an important layer for muscle function, are disrupted. When nerve endings sustain damage, the surgical site is unable to provide information to your nervous system. This means no sensory input, which leads to no motor output.

The Subtle Shift in Muscles
Consider surgeries like C-sections, tummy tucks, breast augmentations, or even open-heart surgeries. They all inflict damage on nerve endings in their respective regions. To keep you alive and functioning, your nervous system substitutes other muscles for your weakened core. Hip and neck flexors often bear the brunt of this substitution, causing them to overcompensate and leading to lower back pain, as just one example.

The Domino Effect:
The absence of core muscle support triggers a chain reaction. Lower back muscles take on added responsibilities, resulting in tightness and discomfort. If these problems aren’t fixed, they can get worse and cause ongoing pain. Your body sends pain signals, a cry for help, to prompt change and recovery.

The Energy Balance
Consider your body as a reservoir of energy, with ten liters to divide daily. Five liters fuel your musculoskeletal system, while the other five sustain your organs. Throughout the day, when your muscles don’t work well, you use up more energy. This makes you tired and reliant on stimulants. When you’re sick, your body uses energy to fight off the illness, making everyday tasks harder.

Our Help
The key to breaking this cycle lies in addressing your surgical scars. We use shockwave therapy to help scars and your nerves communicate again. We understand that the human body functions as a unit. Scars from surgeries, even old ones, can still impact your health.

Uran Berisha,
Founder of Unpain Clinic

If you would like to watch one of our client’s story click on the link.

Uran Berisha,
Shockwave Therapist, RMT
Founder of Unpain Clinic